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Expense in Hubei Normal University

Tuitions fees and accommodation

1. Application fee: 400 RMB

2. Tuitions (RMB)

Master’s course: 17000 (Literal arts) 20000 (science)

Bachelor’s course: 14000 (Literal arts) 17000 (science) 22000 (arts)

Short term training course: 1200 for first week, 400 for following each week.

Long term training course: 12000/semester

3. Accommodation (RMB)

Single Room: 100/day

Double Room: 50/day with Telephone, TV set Air conditioner, Internet, bathroom, public Kitchen, and public washer.

Student Dorm (4 for each dorm): 20/day

Off-Campus Apartment Renting: 800-1500/Month, 2 bedrooms & 1 living room

4. Medical care, Insurance, Textbook, Food are not covered.

5. Off-Campus Apartment Renting need application and consent from student affair office of International College.

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